Yes! Your Website Can And Should Grow And Change Whenever Your Business Does!

Growth and change are inevitable parts of our everyday lives….it’s just the way life is. Part of that growth and expansion is the evolution of our business offerings. Last week my client, Fox Stock Shop reached out to chat about expanding their service offerings. So exciting, I know! Natalie Finazzo Fox the creative and owner of Fox Stock Shop is a force to be reconed with. She is a fantastic photographer, social meda guru, and a graphic designer. A powerful package of talent all rolled into one.

Working with Natalie is a dream, I always know that I will have a bunch of amazing photographs at my disposal and that they are in the best resolutions. So it definitely makes building new pages a breeze. We chatted about adding two new pages to her website, and settled on one new main page and two sub-pages. Her business is expanding and she needs to showcase her customized brand photography + custom stock photographs, and social media management services to her potential clients.

We broke down her new service offerings and made it easier for her to share them with the online world by choosing to outline them briefly on one page, and then expand and showcase examples of recent projects on the specific sub-pages.

Although you might feel naturally apprehensive about making changes to your business’ services or products, you should know that making seasonal updates to your website is always a reflection of your business growing and ultimately becoming better. It’s a GOOD thing, even if it feels a little scary. Your business simply won’t stay the same forever, and your website can’t either; so expansion and change should be welcomed. With all that said, it’s valuable to work with a web designer who understands how big or small of a change you want. When you know that you’re in control of your website updates, you can relax, enjoy the process, and feel proud to showcase the results.