Why WordPress?

No idea what the heck WordPress is? You are not alone! So many people ask that question. Without getting too involved in the nuts and bolts of the system, essentially, WordPress is a platform for website design + development.

Let’s use an analogy to get the point across. Building a website is a lot like building a house. In this case, your foundation is WordPress. Now the architecture of your home is akin to a pre-designed or a custom designed + developed theme framework, that can be installed onto your WordPress foundation. Now plugins are specialty coded functions. They allow websites to perform certain very specific functions. And just like themes, there are thousands of plugins available, both free and paid. Are you with me so far?

WordPress = foundation
Theme (pre-designed/custom) = architecture
Plugins = finishes & functionality

You might be wondering just why do so many people choose to use WordPress as their foundation? Well, WordPress truly offers amazing flexibility for personal and business applications. It is a modular system, that is easily adaptable and can be changed relatively easily. WordPress websites can be as simple or as complex as needed.

Countless themes have been developed at a variety of price points, and with varying degrees of complexity and functionalities. Choosing a theme design that will represent your business {whether customized, or existing} requires vision and integration.

WordPress is also one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) in the web universe. If you have been looking up website design and development, WordPress will likely be at the top of your results list. Want to know why WordPress is a top-seeded platform?

Well, here’s The Wp Stylist’s top 10 List of Why to choose WordPress to build your website.

  1. .Com vs..Org  – Although WordPress has 2 offerings available for users .com and .org. {think of the difference as being: free vs. paid, and limited vs. open source} the .org installation is completely customizable. All of our sites are built using the .org installation.
  2. Hit the ground running – Once installed, your website is ready to be built and could be up and running in a day.
  3. Versatile – Personal use, blogging, and business products, and services. WordPress is versatile enough to accommodate a wide variety of needs.
  4. Search Engine Friendly – Google loves WordPress because it takes care of 80 – 90% of the mechanics of search engine optimization (SEO) crawling for Google. In plain English, that means, that WordPress is a great platform to build an online presence because Google says so!
  5. Security is serious – WordPress is constantly working to keep all of its installations secure. What this means is that you should update, update, update. As new updates are released, install them so that the integrity of your system is maintained.
  6. Simple to use – WordPress websites are user-friendly and easy to learn, build, or manage.
  7. A Variety of Hosting Options – Choosing a hosting provider is not an exact science if you are looking into self-hosted options. Sometimes you choose a dud and need to move your site. It’s not the end of the world if it happens. Pick up and move on and try something else. It’s pretty simple.
  8. Responsive – WordPress websites are most often easily viewed with all functions intact on mobile devices of various kinds.
  9. Adjustable – Themes and functions are changeable, as are media and style options. As trends come and go, your site will stay relevant if you choose to update the appearance to represent your brand identity.
  10. Consistently improving – Never stagnant, WordPress developers are constantly making improvements to the abilities and options available for their clients.

Choosing a theme design that will represent your business requires vision, imagination, and forethought into how you want potential customers to experience your blog or business online  (even the most simple pre-existing themes need to be assembled and customized).

Style Note: When you are researching potential themes pay attention: Read user reviews, check ratings, and make sure to check customization options. If you aren’t sure whether a theme will work for you then contact the developer directly with your questions, before you make a purchase, or contact The Wp Stylist for some advice.

We know how confusing it can all be and we’re ready to get started, are you?

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