We’re Switching to Flodesk And You Should Too!

Disclaimer: Without an incredible copywriter, writing is way hard. So do yourself a favour, and at the very least have a pro edit your newsletter.

It was another daunting item on my to-do list, eating away at my brain and chipping away at my confidence.

Every time I landed on a website and there was a phenomenal opt in…my only thoughts were, I can do that, I need to do that.

So what changed? Nothing really, I simply made a decision to be BRAVE. Emmie and I talk almost daily…well about everything. We’re Facebook official friends, and way more…dare I say, soul sisters? On a video chat, catching up on plans for a client, and talking about priorities, I said, “let’s do the newsletter! I think we can launch it by Friday.” I knew Emmie would have the content and photography side perfecto, so that put the pressure on me to put the tech pieces in place to make sure delivery would be seamless and stunning.
Having saved loads of inspiration, I had a few ideas in mind, but the execution was what was going to take all of the energy.

“ I need to make a gif! “ and I sent Emmie my inspiration. She loved it and trusted that whatever we churned out would be wonderful.

After about 5 hours of trial and error…I had the process down.

Side Note: Did I mention, that I don’t have photoshop (or any of the seriously pro graphic design software platforms)? I’m a PicMonkey kind of entrepreneur and if I can’t create what I need there, I bring in one of my graphic stylists to execute my vision.

Now that I had figured out how to give the gif life, my very first task was to bring life to our welcome message sequence. Simple felt best, so a quick thank you, with a welcome message and a little heartfelt note was my first real task. Emmie has created a bunch of catchy headings for our opt-ins, and one, in particular, was flirty and fun. I incisions a welcome graphic and got to work selecting colours, fonts and then making the gif. That gif lead to another, which will be our sign off on every newsletter, *until inspiration hits again and we evolve our message.

By this time, Emmie had sent me the content for the first newsletter and we chatted about which photo would compliment the message.

I’ll spare you the techy part…but let’s say it took another couple of hours to perfectly style the page (in between billable hours and one client emergency).

With so many choices available for our newsletter platform, I opted to forgo Mailchimp and pivot back to Mailerlite. It was easy and comfortable and just did what I needed it to. And did I mention it’s FREE up until you have 1,000 subscribers??

My fav WordPress opt-in plugin is Popupally Pro, hands up to the heavens! But, since last having integrated it with Mailerlite, there seemed to be an integration conflict. It wasn’t big…but just enough to turn me off…for now. I decided to forego fancy and make the simple embedded opt-ins offered with Mailerlite work for us. 4 opt-ins later, on 2 websites, we had achieved a style that was pretty darn close to perfect (for now).

Fast forward through the thank you pages and endless testing of double opt-ins, and confirmation messages, it was time to welcome a few subscribes. Emmie’s love, Paul was first up to bat. Some things worked and some didn’t….so next up my husband, Jody. Again, some things worked and some didn’t (oddly the things I thought I had fixed were only half fixed). After about 4 tries, I managed to create the automation of our dreams! It was sent! Now, the hard part….waiting on feedback.

Messages started to come in….and we had subscribers rolling in.

  • { Insert Shameless Ploy for Subscribers ⬇︎}

We REALLY like you… Want to make this official?

We get it! Your inbox is already full, but trust us on this one. WE WOULD NEVER GIVE YOU ANYTHING BESIDES PURE GOLD.

We’re all about value, and we’ll send it along each month in the form of seasonal industry insight, tips, tricks, and clever ideas that you can use to help your business stand out online. If you end up changing your mind, you can unsubscribe, and we’d never dream of sharing your data and personal information.

Please read the terms of the Privacy Policy, including the terms outlining what personal data is gathered and how it is used. I consent to be contacted by The Wp Stylist regarding additional products or services which might interest me.

Not two days later, as I scrolled through my Facebook feed, I stumbled upon a new newsletter system. You might be hearing some serious buzz about it, it’s called Flodesk. After about 15 minutes of research, I had opened up my wallet and signed on for their #upyouremailgame challenge. And moments later I sent out this email:

It’s like the universe knew that I just re-launched the newsletter, because I just found THE MOST AMAZING new newsletter platform! So frickin awesome, that I am emailing you right away. It officially launched on August 3rd and it is going to be THE next big thing…want to  know why???

⭐️ The templates are stunning! 
⭐️ There are no limits or tiers of subscribers! It’s unlimited!
⭐️ The workspace is clean and bright, and customizable to your workflow.
⭐️ There is a for real design editor in the templates, which allows you to make style changes that MATCH your branding!
⭐️ It’s $38US/month…{ a fraction of what some systems are charging }
⭐️⭐️ + I HAVE A COUPON CODE!!!! Which will reduce the price to $19US/month!!! SQUEL!!
I started my trial and signed up with the coupon code { THEWPSTYLIST }, so I will get the discounted price, and then created my own for you!! The direct link is:
-> https://flodesk.com/c/THEWPSTYLIST
Much like Dubsado, when it relaunched, they offered discounted prices for us early joiners, and I wanted to make sure to share this with you, so you didn’t miss out. Because the 50% off discount is not just for one month….you get it EVERY MONTH!!!! GAH!!! And my understanding is that for every new subscriber you bring on with your affiliate link, you receive $19. So if you play your cards right, this system could cost you NOTHING!!! GAH!
Okay, I’m done freaking out! Now go check it out—>> Flodesk
After jumping on a couple of quick calls with existing clients, I sat down and recreated our newsletters. And damn they look good!
There’s something about making progress and that inspires your creativity. And now being in on the beta group of early joiners, allows my voice to be heard. Martha and Rebecca, the creators of Flodesk, have been incredible! They are tirelessly replying to messages and engaging us in conversation. It’s pretty amazing!
If you need a new newsletter platform, I encourage you to jump in. The beta testing won’t last forever, and the cost to become a member will increase, because the platform is really that good.