So many of my clients come to me struggling with their content and with my aggressive timelines, it is often difficult to help develop content that feels genuine. Struggle no more. I’ve welcomed Emmie Noel Michaud as The Content Stylist to the fold. Upping your website game with a content specialist will help you reach your ideal customers faster.

Emmie Noel Michaud is a Content Marketing Strategist with 10 years of Copywriting, SEO, and web marketing experience. Having worked with clients in a wide range of industries, Emmie specializes in helping brands and business owners develop their unique voice while demonstrating industry expertise with engaging, on-trend content.

While Emmie has written for clients in highly specialized fields including Medical, High Tech, Scientific, and Industrial Manufacturing, she is most passionate about working with female, minority, and LGBTQ business owners, coaches, activists, and creators who are motivated to make their mark, stand out, and truly impact their unique target audience with bold, honest content.

Emmie holds a Bachelor of Science in Organizational and Business Communication and has spoken at business marketing conferences about the application of modern web marketing strategies for business owners. Emmie is a vegan and animal rights activist who enjoys photography, cooking, and travel in her spare time.

If you need The Content Stylist, then plan to add one week to your design timeline. For more details, reach out for a custom quote.

Welcome, Emmie!

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