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Terri DeCoster, MS, CPC

“Christine saved me from drowning in all the DIY website advice.”

 After a few stabs at trying to build my own website, I was ready to cry “Uncle!” When I reached out to Christine, she was responsive, empathic, and ready to help. I needed a website yesterday and she was clear about a fast-track plan with dates and goals and templates to help me get focused. She was also clear about what she would provide and what other resources I would need specific to my website goals.

The most important part of the process for me, however, was the support and guidance Christine provided. I joked that she was part web designer and part therapist! It can be challenging to create content about yourself and to put your business out there on the web. Christine was cheering me on the whole way while staying focused on her tasks…and keeping me on task! Terri DeCoster, Terri DeCoster, MS, CPC terridecoster.com