It can be overwhelming coming up with new and unique ways to showcase your marketing ideas, new products, or services. If you adhere to a strict marketing or content editorial calendar then you know the creation struggle is real. This new “Top of the Month” marketing idea will give you a great opportunity to add in at least one new content idea today! Start simple, and create an ad that focusses on welcoming a new month.

Share, celebrate, and don’t forget that content comes from all kinds of unexpected places:

  1. new milestones (hitting new highs of likes on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter followers);
  2. showcase newly released programs or offerings; or
  3. fabulous finds from local retailers.

Do you have a professional partner who could use a shout out? Or what about insider info on someone who is looking to hire new employees? Keep it simple and share testimonials and a few of your favourite quotes. These are all great ways to begin a “top of the month” series to develop new content and drive new traffic to your social media outlets and your website.

Happy Clicking!

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