So there it is, a 25% coupon just at my fingertips….but the catch? You need to subscribe to a mailing list to redeem the offer. I know I can’t be the only schlep who always falls for the instant offer, or really needs to read that new report on trends that will shift the landscape of web design for the whole year.

If you are anything like me, then your junk email address (the address I give to placate cashiers, get my name in a draw, or snag an only if you sign up now offer) is overflowing. My friends make fun of me and can’t believe the sheer numbers of unread messages in my junk address.

A few months ago while I was purging messages from my phone, I noticed the nifty new section at the top of some of my emails that gave me the option to unsubscribe from a mailing list, without me having to enlarge the email and search for the tiny disclaimer at the end of the message. Hooray! This new option will surely save me from

Hooray! This new option will surely save me from the oodles of email messages! Well at least it will clear out a few.

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