Ever get stuck? Ready to move forward, and not sure whether to step backward or leap forward?

The reality of entrepreneurship, (once you get over the startup hump), is that you will be in a position to make choices for yourself and your business. Guilt free, better business, maybe yes/maybe no choices, that will inspire your creativity and expand your opportunities infinitely.  Especially if your soul goal is to live your passion and share your experience with other businesspeople.

Look for these signs in yourself, because you might be ready to let go of some of the soul-sucking jobs:

1|  Do you feel anxiety at the thought of tackling certain tasks? Take note of those items that are tying you into knots and list them, acknowledge them, and think about how you can minimize the onslaught of anxiety.

2|  Have you met a freelancer who is your perfect match and loves to do items on your unfun list? As woo woo as it might sound, God, or the universe (whichever you prefer), puts these people in front of you at just the right moments. Let’s simply call it Divine Intervention which drops a subtle hint, and then if you aren’t quite listening, the hammer of realization may fall into your lap. Listen and watch carefully!

3|  Maybe you have already encountered a viable solution to your business woes, but you face an almost insurmountable obstacle standing between you and that solution. Talk it out! Reach out to people you admire in your business tribe and ask for their thoughts and opinions. There’s no rule book that says you have to do everything on your own and the hard way. The school of hard knocks is out of session and we have moved into a collaborative space. You have nothing to lose by simply asking someone.

4|  When completing even one of those tasks interferes significantly with your productivity, or you have to turn away real paying business to re-focus your attention on doing something you don’t excel at or enjoy.

5|  Now number 5 might sound harsh, but here it is anyway. When you tackle these dastardly items are you inefficient, and struggling to complete them? Does it take you significantly longer than it should, to complete even 1 task, and are often faced with re-doing them, because there weren’t done correctly? That is a big sign, my friend.

Chin up and time to move forward in your passion play. Acknowledging that there are struggles in every business is key to joining the ranks of the realistic businessperson. Minimizing those struggles so that you can get back to doing what you do best, quickly and while working within the realm of what is financially viable should be a high priority. If you are the rainmaker in your business then you need not divert your focus from there,  simply outsource the rest and support freelancers who can get those jobs done.

Ultimately, it all comes down to doing what you love, and loving what you do! Your measurable success, whether it is internal or external to you, will soar if you embrace that feeling.

Happy Clicking!

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