One of the most fulfilling parts of the service I provide is getting to know people and sharing in their dreams. As scary as it is to take the leap of faith (physical, emotional and financial) in a new business, the rewards are far greater.

Rail City Recreation will offer families in St. Thomas, and southwestern Ontario a leveled up quality-time, play experience. With a beautiful indoor playground for children 12 and under, a laser tag arena (with off the charts fun for the whole family), not to mention the sports arcade, pro-golf simulator (in it’s own private area), and the cafe (serving up healthy edibles) Rail City Recreation is committed to helping families bring simple play to back into their lives.

The recent launch of the custom website for Rail City Recreation fills my heart with joy for so many reasons. The first is because I was reminded that making a genuine connection with someone and offering help can lead to so many great and unexpected things. The second is that there is something so special, inspirational and vulnerable about walking with a family and watching them go for their dreams. And the third is because what Rail City Recreation is offering our community is so flipping cool, I can’t wait to see it all in action.

My approach to web design is more intuitive based, rather than technical. Rail City Recreation had their logo business cards, postcards, and signage designed and printed when website work began. Those designs provided the inspiration and groundwork for the theme which became a mashup with sort of a retro, comic book vibe. Designing and developing a website with so much colour and flair was a departure from some of The WordPress Stylist’s most recent projects, and I would be lying if I didn’t say it was challenging! The core design came together very quickly and the owners of Rail City Recreation, Kate and Chris Clegg were ecstatic with the direction. Another really cool aspect of my process of dedicating two-three weeks to one exclusive build is that a genuine synchronicity develops between designer and client, which manifests in the final design of a WordPress Stylist website.

I encourage you to visit the website >> Rail City Recreation <<  and look around, especially if you are located in Southwestern Ontario. Jump onto their newsletter subscription list to receive all of the deets about when they are opening their doors and find out what’s happening at the Rec.

Huge thank you to Kate and Chris Clegg ! It has been incredible working with you on your website. I look forward to the being of assistance to Rail City Recreation for years to come.

Do you need a new website? The WordPress Stylist offers both full service and DIY alternatives (built for each individual client’s needs). There are so many reasons we would be great together.