Katy Takaoka was referred to The WordPress Stylist with her rebranding project. As a successful entrepreneur, Katy wanted to simplify her website by creating a one-page website that delivered all of the relevant information about her business to potential clients. Having designed her own website in the past, Katy was aware of what needed to happen to achieve her Hire Katy web design goals. Her project began with a style consultation where we provided a list of suggested graphic design elements. The WordPress Stylist had the great please of working with Ang Wencel (the fantastic graphic designer who designed The WordPress Stylist logos) of Visions by Ang. Working with Katy’s photos, colour scheme inspiration and favourite fonts in mind, Ang developed beautiful logos and a supplemental monogram.  If you receive The WordPress Stylist’s Advanced Style Notes, you will know exactly where Katy’s inspiration came from.

Ang’s designs were just so darn great and on point, it became hard to select just one design. So we decided to use any many as we could! We successfully incorporated as many of the graphic design elements as we could in the Hire Katy website while maintaining the fresh, clean, and modern aesthetic that Katy was seeking. As with all design, colour, texture and movement played a big part in the achieving the impact we were looking to make. Staying true to the colour palette, we added some textured backgrounds and moving icons to add visual interest. On this web design-build, the content spoke brilliantly, and conveyed the message of “Why You Should Hire Katy!”

Katy is an expert strategic business advisor, and she has built a solid team to propel businesses well beyond their growth potential.  She has the experience, skill, tools and outstanding vision to take your business to the next level! Having met with her personally, I can say first hand, that Katy is definitely the leader you want on your team to help your business grow exponentially.

Thanks to Katy Takaoka for your support of The WordPress Stylist! And I can’t wait to work with you again very soon :)!

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