We all know at least a few awesome, inspiring, and SUPER busy Moms, and there’s a good chance that some of them are also managing a business. Maybe you are one of those incredible “momtrepreneurs”. If that’s the case, then you’re probably doing at least 3 other things while you read this, so we promise not to waste your time! Just hear us out.

Here at The WP Stylist, we know all about that intense Momtrepreneur life, and we have had the privilege of working with countless inspiring entrepreneurs who also happen to be mothers. Each one is so different, but our Mom entrepreneur clients all have one thing in common when they first contact us: their website and online presence do not accurately represent their business, and they’re ready to change that.
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As a business owner in 2019, you already know that a modern and dynamic website is a must-have. Simply put, your business website will be your client’s first impression of you and your brand, so it has to look great, work well, and accurately represent your business. If it doesn’t, then you risk losing customers, attracting the wrong customers, and ultimately presenting a dated or inaccurate version of the business you have worked so hard to build. In short, having an old website or no website at all can make your life more challenging, and you don’t have time for that.

Sadly, just knowing that you need to refresh your old business website or get a brand new one doesn’t make a beautiful new website magically appear. The thought of finding a web designer, getting someone to write copy for the site, figuring out the whole SEO thing…. It’s a lot to balance, and you already have a lot to balance. This is the point where a lot of entrepreneur Moms decide to push that project to the back burner for a while – which can turn into months or even years of putting it off. Unfortunately, just like that mountain of laundry never washes itself, a neglected website won’t fix itself either. Something’s gotta give.

If you’ve read this far and anything sounds familiar, then you’re in the right place. We get it. We can help you. You see, our website design and content packages are designed for busy entrepreneurs; especially the ones who think it’s too late, have no idea where to start, or can’t even imagine what their ideal website would look like. We won’t upsell you on things your business website doesn’t need, and we will explain everything – down to the last detail. We know you’re familiar with stress, but we believe that getting the website of your dreams shouldn’t add more stress to your life. In fact, we think it should do the opposite.

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Mom life and business management don’t always fit cohesively into a busy schedule; in fact they often clash pretty badly. With limited sleep, a high stress level, and so many responsibilities to balance, adding in the challenges of business ownership can sometimes feel like too much for one person to handle. Momtrepreneurs have a special way of making the impossible seem possible, but even Wonder Woman needs a little help and support sometimes. Can we help you get that gorgeous business website, and support the steps you’re taking to create an engaging online presence?

If you’re working with an old website and need to modernize, update, or reflect your rebranded business or new services, then our REFRESH package is going to be the perfect fit. We take what you’re working with and make it SO much better.

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If you’re just getting started with a new business and a website is the final step before your grand opening, then you’re going to jump for joy when you learn about our Savvy Starter package. Your new, simple, and straightforward website will be ready in time for your business launch, so you can focus on celebrating!

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If your business is growing, changing, rebranding, or heading in a new direction then your website needs to match. The WP Stylist will be glad to create a custom business website, SEO, and content package that perfectly suits your need. We’re here to listen and create the online presence you’re imagining, so you can get back to being a mom, being a boss, and growing your business.

PS. Know a busy momtrepreneur who could really benefit from a beautiful new business website? You’ll get $100 for any lead who signs a contract with The WP Stylist. It’s a win win situation!