Featured Website Links Shared on a Website Page that is featured on Instagram

Maximize Your Content Exposure And Use Your Website To Do It

As entrepreneurs, we wear many hats, and content creator is one of them. Taking every opportunity to show and share the content you have created (that could potentially reach another human that needs it) is a marketing win.

Creating one (or many) quick link page(s) on your website to share your offerings in the dedicated website link spaces of your social media platforms, is a great place to gain important exposure.

Sharing 5 – 6 links to:

your services page;
products featured in your online store;
packaged offerings, (specific to the social media platform you are sharing your link on);
your newsletter;
your blog;
your affiliate pages/posts; and
other social media platforms.

Simplify the page(s) by removing the header and footer areas, and the main menu.

You have the perfect opportunity for brand consistency! Share you logo and your brand colours and make it easy for viewers to reach you.