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“I am so excited about the launch of my new website!”

I have no website experience and spent a few days trying to teach myself on WordPress. I had heard that novices could create something pretty and functional in very little time. Well, not true for me! After many hours and some late nights I had a very ugly site and still no idea how to make it look how I wanted it to look or do what I wanted it to do. Although I am starting a new business and need to conserve money, I knew my time was precious and it would be worth my time to find a web designer.

I am so thankful that Christine answered my post asking for recommendations. She was very prompt in getting back with me and knew the right questions to ask to quickly turn around and give me a quote. We set a start date for her to start the site and I was able to spend my time creating content, getting professional photographs taken, and getting my logo designed as well as just focus on the business aspect of my business (beyond the website). She was wonderful in giving me resources for things that were unfamiliar to me.

Christine was prepared and ready to go on Day 1. Although I had a lot of content, there were still tweaks and I didn’t know exactly where I wanted what. She did a fantastic job of taking my content and putting it where it made sense. She was also very patient with me as I had different ideas, changes, and tweaks as we went along (I’m a little perfectionistic and OCD:-) She was patient when my life got busy and I wasn’t prompt in responding to her messages. She was always responsive to me, though. There were things I had not thought through and if I didn’t know how I wanted something to look or didn’t get back quickly she would often design something for me to give me a starting point. She was knowledgable and would let me know when my uneducated ideas wouldn’t be the best option.

I think I got a bang for my buck and am thrilled with the outcome. I hope to keep working with Christine as my website continues to develop. I highly recommend her services!

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