You know when you meet someone that you know will change your life? Okay wait, let me rewind this story.

You have heard me shout it from the rooftops and share, share, share, that I have been enrolled in Marie Forleo’s B-School program. Marie dedicates an entire module of her program to website design. As a WordPress web designer, there were many opportunities to offer my expertise and help my fellow Bs. One of the very special connections I made was with this week’s spotlight star, Jackie Hauer. I am pumped to share my experience collaborating with this fantastic woman, talk about her story, and what we worked on together. Also, I can’t wait to share how and why this project was completely different from any other build have ever worked on. Ready to jump in? Let’s go!

Jackie Hauer is a multi-passionate force of nature. A devoted wife, mother, and an epic content creator for her newest passion Haute Mess Life, Jackie has rewritten her destiny, more than once. She has carved out her happily ever after against all odds. Our connection sparked when I answered her post in our B-School community looking for some WordPress online store expertise. After our first phone call, we emailed, and texted regularly (sometimes very late into the night), brainstorming ideas to work with her existing WordPress theme, and working on ways to ensure that her shop launch would do justice to her brand identity.

Normally, when I work with a web design client, I am assisting with the content development, website page design, image selection and graphics, (the full-service package, if you will). Because Jackie had just recently completed her website, DIY’ing the whole thing. She had gained some valuable hands on experience with WordPress. Her current site was live and launched, and her goal was to integrate an online store to share her fabulous printables. She wanted her store to be professional and not have a “homespun” feel. My first suggestion was to get her printables mocked up in style.  And oh boy did she ! Look at this loveley….

It quickly became apparent that the theme she had purchased would not serve as the best foundation for an online shop. And as she grew her business, the theme would not grow along with it. After lots of text messages, info sharing, and some serious introspection, Jackie made the realization that she had to take a different direction and work with a new premium theme. While also providing consultation advice, my first hands on role in this collaboration was to provide an offsite sub-domain, with a fresh theme installation, hosted on my server for Jackie to rebuild her website. In 2 short weeks, she had built her new website and I had completed the online shop portion, and integrated it with her payment gateway. She clicked launch and hasn’t looked back!

Haute Mess Life is jam packed with inspiration, on so many levels. Her post entitled, Mommy it’s Time was very personal and shared so much about her family struggles. I remember sitting at my laptop reading and texting her at the same time.  It touched me greatly. I will let you read that one for yourself…. Jackie shares her weight loss journey and offers so many great messages and reminders for mother’s who give, and give and leave nothing behind for themselves.

The website is light, bright, and clean. No fluff or fillers, great portrait photography, and subtle stock integration that complements the brand. Jackie is very talented and has a great eye for graphics, (as you will see in her shop) which meant that every detail that I suggested, needed to be on fleek (am I too old to say that?). I think we accomplished that and more! Jackie is crazy busy working on some incredible partnerships, and ambassadorships, and running her two other businesses (did I mention she has a successful wedding planning business and is a Realtor too?). Show Haute Mess Life some love and click on the image to follow Jackie’s Haute Mess Life Instagram feed!

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