Even Your Affiliate Page Should Be On-Brand

Labels may vary, but no matter whether you call them affiliations, collaborations, partnerships, or referrals, the general idea is that there is an exchange of compensation – whether monetary, service-based, or otherwise.

Experienced entrepreneurs know that cultivating and curating affiliations can be a valuable source of passive income earning, promotion, and ultimately business growth.

If you share your affiliations with your online customer base, it’s worth your time to create a genuine and unique page on your website that accurately describes and displays your chosen partnerships. You should treat this page as a natural extension of your branding strategy, and style it in a way that compliments your own unique brand identity. After all, expressing pride in your affiliations in an attractive way will make others get more excited about aligning with your brand!

Truth be told, the original iteration of my affiliate page was a generic layout of the affiliations and resources that I actively suggest to my clients. It really wasn’t anything special, and it certainly wasn’t what I would call “on-brand.”

After giving it some thought I enlisted my fav. Content creator, Emmie Noel, and we worked on changing out the descriptions and making the offerings more true to brand, colourful and dynamic.

Honestly, I think we killed it! We created a new page that I’m proud to share with anyone who is in need of tried and tested, valuable services and products that I use daily, and those that I’m confident to share, and proud to display on my site.

Keeping your affiliate page aligned with your brand requires simplicity and scaling back. Your affiliate page doesn’t need to be a collage of logos, it can be your testimonial for each product and service you are sharing, with links that lead to your affiliate URL. Reflect back on my branding basics { like how to choose your colour palette and making font selections for your brand } and open your mind to the possibilities.

Do you have affiliate pages on your website? Could they use a little love and some on-brand styling? If so, we’ve got you covered!