As an entrepreneur, I am selective about the programs and tools I use to accomplish tasks in my business. First and foremost, I expect reliability, consistency, and growth. I’ve tried on a few CMS (Client Management Systems) over the years and never been confident in making the monetary commitment beyond the free trial phase. Through Instagram I was attracted by an ad that showed me a CMS dashboard and talked about a free trial. Dubsado made am immediate impression on me, their free trial was unlike all of the others. It wasn’t a time based trial, it was a client count trial. This meant that I could choose which clients to input and which jobs to work on to test Dubsado’s features. BEST TRIAL EVER!

The list of impressive features includes:

  1. Send & Sign Contracts
  2. Send Invoices
  3. Easy to do lists
  4. Accept Credit Cards & E-Checks
  5. Manage Clients
  6. Workflow
  7. Calendar Integration
  8. Client Portals
  9. Send Questionnaires & Forms
  10. Email Templates
  11. Lead Capture Forms
  12. Branding to You
  13. Internationally Friendly
  14. Payment Schedules
  15. No Brainer Bookkeeping
  16. Mobile Friendly
  17. Multi-redundancy Backups
  18. Time Tracker (Coming Soon)

Recently, the team at Dubsado added in a new library of 50 form templates, yes 50 templates! Saving countless hours of content creation for their users. Their customer service is solid, and they have a great and loyal community of users. Did I mention that they also send out a special gift to new members? Look at this pretty notebook and this pen! Just happens to be in my  favourite colours. Thank you Team Dubsado!!

If you are considering a new CMS,  I encourage you to check Dubsado out now. And if you are ready to make a commitment, then make use of their loyalty offer. Use my coupon code, fabulous and we will both benefit.

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