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One Day LIVE Website Design

Design in a day….with my friend Emmie.

Emmie and I have developed a close relationship over the last year and when the time arrived to rebrand her business, I wanted to offer up my services. Working with a friend and respected colleague can add some serious pressure to the design mix. I knew that the design had to be unique, simple, and be true to Emmie’s personality and I think we acheived her goals.

Emmie gave me full access to her time for a day and together, LIVE, we worked on each element of her website. We ran back and forth selecting fonts and tweaking their weights, until we achieved just the right look and feel to compliment Emmie’s photos….Did I mention Emmie is an accomplished photographer? Her website is full of her photos, and they are gorgeous!

Join me in celebrating Emmie’s new website!

Emmie’s Goal

 “Communicate my unique expertise and service offerings in a website that showcases my work and demonstrates my brand aesthetic.

The Wp Stylist Provided:

1 Year of Hosting provided by Siteground

Premium WordPress Theme

7 Pages of Website Design

A completely new offering.

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Industry Aesthetic Goals

Creating a website that is gender neutral

  Showcasing Emmie’s passion for photography

Offering a unique aesthetic, unlike competitors


Having already seen so much of Christine’s work, I had high hopes for my business website, and those expectations were met and exceeded!!

Honestly, I doubted my own ability to describe what I wanted, but Christine knew all the right questions to ask and managed to take the vision of my dream website and bring it into reality.

With SEO, copy, and a responsive functionality, I know my site will serve as an effective tool to drive new business.

My beautiful new website was designed and built so incredibly fast, and the deep sense of pride I feel when I share my website with potential clients is just an added bonus.

Christine is a true artist, and a pleasure to work with. I couldn’t be more thrilled.