A creative content solution is a marketable blog post, {sometimes a single or if it’s hot, then it’s a series} or guide. It’s a unique promotional opportunity to showcase your singular talent, and build a strong and loyal online following. And it all begins with a Creative Concept Consultation.

Creative Consultation.

Inspiration always strikes like lightning when you are telling your story and sharing your passion with others. Our initial Creative Consultation will evolve from your story and become a tangible representation of your vision, for your business. You will leave the consultation feeling invigorated and ready to take the next steps in developing custom content for your brand and your website.

During our first Creative Consultation, we will:

  1. talk about your business evolution;
  2. talk about your vision for the future;
  3. create or expand your brand style;
  4. establish a clear direction for content development; &/
  5. develop a loose framework for the message you would like your business to communicate with your online presence.

We will make some magic in our first consultation. We will laugh, and made a connection, and learn about each other. Next up, you will receive your homework.  HOMEWORK??

Yeppers, time to do some soul searching! Your homework will delve deeper into the programs or services you offer, the message you want to communicate to potential clients, and how you want to show continued value to current clients, (making them repeat clients).

The Second Creative Consultation will take place after you complete your homework package, and it has been reviewed. Then your brand style will evolve.

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