New Year’s Revelations | My Commitment to Self Care in 2020

As 2019 came to a close, I reflected on my goals and intentions for the coming year and decade ahead. This uncomfortable process of reflection meant I had to dig into the past year, think about what worked and what didn’t; and not beat myself up or play the would have, should have game of mental roulette. I wrote a list, focused only on the positive, and included all of the accomplishments and hard earned growth. I was surprised by the length of the list, and incredibly proud.

In 2019 I proved to myself and others that my business was valid, valued, and viable!

I set new intentions, achieved them, and I proved to myself that I am limited only by self-doubt and inaction.

I distanced myself from people who felt disingenuous on social media platforms, and I redirected my energy toward the people who align with my heart and soul.

I welcomed new experiences without having exit strategies and “what if?” plans in place, and I was okay.

I made my own self care a priority and hung up my robes of martyr mother.

I realized and internalized that my own happiness is my responsibility alone.

My body, mind and soul are strong, if I care for them. Self care, whatever the modality, needed to exist at a whole new level.

Gone are the days of pushing through, it simply can’t happen anymore.

I owe my body a lot of credit. It created multiple lives and supported me as I raised them. And damn, that was hard!

After taking inventory, I resolved to experience more joyful moments, in 2020, by being more present and patient. I am determined to slow down and think carefully, speak clearly and with intention, and be self aware.

We all know that resolving isn’t really enough though. I knew I needed to make a plan and actually follow through!

My plan for implementing my resolution requires checking in with my feelings and honouring the small requests made by my mind, body and soul, instead of pushing them aside to do one more thing…(whether it was the dishes, laundry, or replying to one more message).

In this middle age space, I am focused on replenishing and nurturing myself. From now on I’ll heed the call to rest, read, rejuvenate and relax at every opportunity, and I’ll do so proudly.

Will you join me in this resolution and implementation?