Choosing The Best Photography Sources For Your Content

The modern entrepreneur wants their offerings to stand strong in their brand glory, be relatable and recognizable. Creatively speaking, bringing together all of your brand elements to achieve style, relatability and recognition takes serious strategy and planning.

One of the most important and potentially expensive brand elements are photographs. At the beginning of an entrepreneurial journey, stock photographs may be your very best friend, and that’s okay. However, choosing the best stock photography sources for your content can be overwhelming. You might be tempted to steal images if you’re not looking for them in the right places.

Know Your Stock Photography Best Practices

Searching for images on google and using them in your branding is an industry no-no. Don’t do it. The same rule applies to taking liberties with Pinterest, Instagram and any other social media outlets. These images are posted by the original photographers and you need to get written consent to share or re-use them in any way. It’s best to just find another source entirely!

The safe solution is to select stock photos { free / paid } from reputable providers.

Top 5 List of Best Sources for FREE Stock Photos:

When searching for stock images, endeavour to find collections from the same photographer and the same photo shoot. Choosing a consistent aesthetic will give your brand a cohesive look and feel and will reach your ideal client with a level of authenticity that is close to what is achieved with a custom branded photoshoot.

Long Term Goals For Branded Photography

When you are financially able, plan headshots, a lifestyle session in office/studio, and product pics, if you need them.

Scaling your on brand photography, to the station of your business, is the best way to be true to your vision while working consistently toward a more custom vibe.