Hi Everyone, and welcome to WordPress Wednesday! I’m here today to offer up some simple advice to help DIY’ers make the most of their WordPress websites.

The first question that will be answered relates to new font integration. There are literally tens of thousands of WordPress themes available on the market today, and most themes have some kind of font selection option built into their framework. The most popular drag and drop builders (Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, Divi, Page Builder,  Elementor, and Themify) make it easy to switch body and header typography throughout their theme. So before you even consider uploading a new plugin to expand your font library, search through your theme customization options and look for typography options. If you aren’t sure where to look, then start with a google search. Enter the name of your theme in combination with typography or font changes. If you are using a premium theme, then you will likely stumble upon articles, and video tutorials offering help on where to find your typography settings and how to make the changes.

Now if your theme does not support additional typography options then you will need to consider adding a plugin that will allow you to upload your selected fonts. If you are new to WordPress then the idea of downloading a plugin and activating it will make you sweat. When you take the chance of adding plugins you risk corruption and opening your website up to critical security threats. Both of which compromises all that you have already accomplished and could set you back to square one in your website.

There are two plugins that The WordPress Stylist has used in the past to expand the font library of some themes. The first was Use Any Font, a free plugin that requires the user to set up an API (application programming interface) key with the developer. In this video, the developer of Use Any Font walks you through the the setup with the Divi theme.

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The second plugin that I recommended is WP Google Fonts. Once you install and activate the plugin, you will notice that the WP Google Fonts will appear in the typography portion of the customizer in your theme. The video below is a great tutorial that takes you a little deeper into adding more font options with CSS (cascading style sheets).

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Now if you decide use one of these plugins, you should be testing to ensure that they are not conflicting with any of the other code elements of your theme. If you see conflicts, then you should deactivate the plugin you have installed and seek out professional help. You can change the typography for the body of your text, and select specific fonts for your headers (generally headers 1-4).

*Before you make any changes to your website, take the necessary steps to secure your site from malicious hacks and corrpution. The best ways to secure your site is to deploy a premium security program or plugin, and to get a professional backup system in place. Hands down, worth the investment if you value your content and all of the hardwork that you put into the design and development of your website.

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