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Dig into the WP Stylist blog for tips, tricks, design ideas, and so much more. This isn’t your average WordPress web design blog! In fact, we work hard to be different and provide something new and unique to our readers. Here in the blog you’ll find a fresh mix of exciting updates, industry insight, visual inspiration, and whatever else we’re loving right now.

A good blog is all about value, so we’re always sharing the things we think you’ll find valuable.

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Meet Christine

Hi I’m Christine Belan, and I’m The Wp Stylist.

As the name suggests, The Wp Stylist specializes in working with the WordPress CMS platform. As a web designer, not a developer, I focus on the layout of your content and the flow of your messaging.

Clients retain me to design dynamic websites that engage their ideal customers and inspire them to make purchases.

Meet Emmie

I’m Emmie, The Content Stylist

Nothing brings me more joy than helping my clients develop a dynamic brand voice! Whether you’re a doctor, a florist, a yoga instructor, or an entrepreneur in any industry, you can count on me to give your business an engaging online presence designed to attract your dream clients.

The written content I create is powered by the science of SEO, which helps drive more qualified traffic to your new and beautiful WordPress site. It sounds like magic, but the work I do is real, and so is the impact it can make on your brand.

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