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Creative WordPress Web Design for Small Businesses,
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Communicate your vision to the world with simple, elegant web design and fluid functionality.

The WordPress Stylist is a boutique web design firm, located in St. Thomas, Ontario. Currently serving customers in nearby London, throughout Southwestern Ontario, and internationally.

Carving out your online presence is a time and resource consuming task. As an entrepreneur, or a community organizer, you need your website to be effective, impressive and appealing to potential customers and your readers. As a small firm, The WordPress Stylist’s customers are most often, either start ups, (looking to create simple, and clean websites), or they are medium sized businesses, (well established in their field) who are looking to re-fresh their web design, and develop a more modern website.

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Skip the stress of choosing the right service providers for your web-hosting provider, theme, and content with the Savvy Starter Package. This convenient package provides value and peace of mind with a 3-page design built to fit your brand and aesthetic.

Each page will include 300 words of engaging content written by our Content Stylist and crafted for your industry-specific needs. To help your new site reach target clients, our SEO Stylist will conduct keyword research for your brand and location, then create custom metadata for all 3-pages. You’ll even get a helpful mini keyword list to use in social media and blogs!

It’s time to stop stressing and let our Stylists take care of it. For one affordable price, you’ll have a beautiful 3-page website that includes content, annual web-hosting, a professional email address, premium WordPress theme, a coming soon page, and even SEO.

We know how confusing it can all be and we’re ready to get started, are you?

What’s WordPress?

No idea what the heck WordPress is?  You are not alone!  So many people ask that question.  Without getting too involved in the nuts and bolts of the system, essentially, WordPress is a platform for website design + development.

Let’s use an analogy to get the point across. Building a website is a lot like building a house. In this case, your foundation is WordPress. Now the architecture of your home is akin to a pre-designed or a custom designed + developed theme framework, that can be installed onto your WordPress foundation. Now plugins are specialty coded functions. They allow websites to perform certain very specific functions. And just like themes, there are thousands of plugins available, both free and paid. Are you with me so far?

WordPress = foundation
Theme (pre-designed/custom) = architecture
Plugins = finishes & functionality

You might be wondering just why do so many people choose to use WordPress as their foundation? Well, WordPress truly offers amazing flexibility for personal and business applications. It is a modular system, that is easily adaptable and can be changed relatively easily. WordPress websites can be as simple or as complex as needed.

A WordPress website can evolve and adapt to accommodate brand identity changes and expansion.

Countless themes and plugins have been developed at a variety of price points, and with varying degrees of complexity and functionalities. Choosing a theme design that will represent your business {whether customized, or existing} requires vision and integration. More…

Ways to Work With The WordPress Stylist

Wordpress Stylist - web design

Style Packages

The WordPress Stylist offers 2 style options to design your website.
The Be●Spoke (fully customizable website) & Prêt à Porter (pre-packaged themed website) style packages were created to meet the most frequently requested websites.  More…

Creative Consultations

Communicating your message to potential clients clearly, effectively, and passionately, can occasionally be a stumbling block for even the most creative entrepreneurs. The WordPress Stylist specializes in developing creative concepts that will set your business apart from others. More…

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