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Collaborating with The WordPress Stylist to undertake the styling (design and development) of your website is the beginning of a meaningful relationship. Do you want your website to be modern and a true and authentic representation of you? Of course, you do, that’s why you will have to dig deep and share your genesis story, your journey in your industry, and your big why’s. Your passion sets the tone of your website design project and brings your online presence to life.

01 | How it Works.

With your discovery call complete, and your initial consultation ticked off of the list of to do’s. The WordPress Stylist will prepare a proposal to help you achieve a modern website design. Your proposal will outline the scope of the job at hand, the inclusions, and exclusions, the items that you will need to provide, and along with the understanding that there is a strict timeline in place so that the same impeccable service can be offered to all of our clients. Once you accept the proposal and provide payment your project will be booked and your homework will arrive in your email inbox. Your homework will have instructions, and helpful hints to take you through the process.

02 | Helpful Hints.

Each project is different, and every one of our customers has a different level of comfort with technology.  Don’t fret, The WordPress Stylist is tech savvy and will guide you through the steps of your homework so that you can provide what we need, and get back to doing what you do best! Following our proven system, and implementing our helpful hints will keep you moving forward with your homework and will ensure that we stay on track to deliver your modern website design and meet our launch goal.

03 | Contact The WordPress Stylist.

The WordPress Stylist has two very distinct niches. The first has been small to medium businesses who are looking to refresh and update their existing online presence to a more modern website design. And the second has been to help launch start -up businesses, community organizations, and bloggers. If you have a project you would like to talk about, don’t hesitate to schedule your FREE discovery call, click here.

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Wordpress Stylist - website design

Wordpress Styling Packages

The WordPress Stylist offers 2 style options to design and develop your website.
The Be●Spoke (fully customizable website) & Prêt à Porter (pre-packaged themed website) style packages were created to meet the most frequently requested websites.  More…

Wordpress Stylist - website design

Creative Consultation

Communicating your message to potential clients clearly, effectively, and passionately, can occasionally, be a stumbling block for even the most creative entrepreneurs. The WordPress Stylist specializes in developing creative concepts that will set your business apart from others.  More…

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